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The Right Tool for the Job

When a person is labeled as an expert in a particular field, it becomes very common for that person to be asked which product or service they would choose in comparison with another product or comparison. Since Deberon, LLC is considered an expert in all things technology, we get this question asked a lot. These questions can range from “Should I get a Mac or a PC?” to “My organization needs an enterprise firewall solution, which do you prefer?”. While some people may be able to answer these questions as being black or white, we choose to take a more complicated stand.

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The Importance of Data Integrity

These days businesses have everything stored on their computers. Whether they are a giant corporation using multiple servers to serve their files, or small business owners saving their records on their laptops, businesses rely on computers to serve their information to them consistently and quickly. Here are some tips any size business can take to insure their data is the same now as when they initially saved it.

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Mac v. PC

Ahh, the age old question: Should I get a Mac or a PC? Many people who ask this question will more likely than not be told that they should definitely get a Mac and that “I love my mac!”. You will hardly ever hear people voice their opinions of a PC so loudly. Unfortunately, the answer to the question is not so cut and dry. As such, I will do my best to break down the Mac and the PC in ways that will hopefully help you in your decision making.

The most important thing to consider when choosing the type of computer you want to use comes down to whatever you are most comfortable with. If you have always used Windows, choose a Windows computer. If you grew up using a Mac, then use a Mac. You will be most productive on a system that you are comfortable with and that you know how to navigate around. If you are impartial to using Macs over PCs or vice versa, read on.

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Welcome to the new, slightly updated website! While on the surface the website may not look very different, we have changed our backend CMS (Content Management System) and implemented a blog. We will use this blog to keep you informed of the goings-on of our company as well as various technology news from around the world. This will be a good place for you to check in to get tips on how you can secure your information, learn basic troubleshooting, or just get an update on the latest gadgets.